Our Development Path

  • 2000
    We opened our first eyewear retail store in Yaan Sichuan, the hometown of giant pandas
  • 2005
    The company moved to Chengdu and began supplying colored contact lenses to other retailers
  • 2012
    The sales mode changed from offline to online, and the company started mass production and research and development of contact lenses through our own factory to provide services for more retailers
  • 2019
    Relying on Alibaba、ebay、AliExpress International station to develop the company's products to the world
  • 2020
    Dedicated to researching the same type of silicone hydrogel technology as Johnson & Johnson, Cooper, and Alcon, we supply to our independent brand Diverse Beauty
  • 2022
    Our brand has achieved good results in China and the surrounding areas. It also motivated us to give back to those who need us, and we came up with the E.Y.E.S initiative. We donate part of the proceeds from the products we sell each month to different charities
  • Future
    We already have the technology of silicon hydrogel, and now provide silicon hydrogel-related materials for Johnson & Johnson, Cooper and Alcon. In the future, we will be able to mass produce products made of silicon hydrogel.